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Geocultural areas do not necessarily coincide with the Nation-States' borders and are acquiring a new strategic dimension… GO »
The challenge to invent new political frame-works for shaping globalisation… GO »

How to reconcile the market sys-tem based on profit with culture's function of building social re-lations and creating social cohesion … GO »

In the era of the global media, communication cannot be understood without taking into account culture… GO »

Inventing new frameworks for cultural inter-actions in which differences are a source of enrich-ment instead of conflict…. GO »

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Europe as a Mediator in the Dialogue of Civilizations... Europe as a Geo-cultural player? Intercultural dialogues may be a tool but not an aim by themselves. Why should we care about that if we don’t consider culture as a politically important matter? It maybe interesting to note that culture seems to matter when cultural differences become political issues. This is now the case. Read Jean TARDIF's paper »»

Nowadays, in the context of discussions on cultural diversity and beyond, it is very common and popular to criticise copyright protec-tion to even to put its justification into doubt. The following contribu-tion deals with this opinion and reminds readers of the need to dis-tinguish, and not to forget the writers, composers, artists ...
Read Silke von LEWINSKI's paper »»

Individuals on both sides of the cultural divide have much to gain from moving beyond preoccupation with tired images, symbols, and postures, and toward genuine openness to a new experience of the Other. Narrow attachment to... Read Gerd JUNNE's paper »»

The various geopolitical configurations of the world each produce a dominant discourse. During the period of ideo-logical rivalry between the two superpowers, the choice was between westernization or, alternatively, sovietization...
Read Louis BAECK's paper »»

Globalization arises with greater intensity nowadays for two funda-mental reasons: on one hand, because of the increasing conscious-ness, at least in certain enlightened circles, of global interdependen-ces; on the other hand, because of the hegemony of the West...
Read Sophia MAPPA's paper »»

In Milan Kundera's essay "The Challenges of Czech Literature", the author asks himself whether a small nation can create its own culture. The renaissance of the Czech culture took place as Goethe was developing his famous concept... Read Alejandro Serrano CALDERA's paper »»

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