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Theme 4
Geocultural areas do not necessarily coincide with the Nation-States' borders and are acquiring a new strategic dimension… GO »
The challenge to invent new political frame-works for shaping globalisation… GO »

How to reconcile the market sys-tem based on profit with culture's function of building social re-lations and creating social cohesion … GO »

In the era of the global media, communication cannot be understood without taking into account culture… GO »

Inventing new frameworks for cultural inter-actions in which differences are a source of enrich-ment instead of conflict…. GO »

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 Communication and Culture

Culture is not a fixed entity or a legacy of the past; it is a process that is built on interaction. Culture allows men to express their social nature, to define the conditions under which they want to live together, , the codes that serve to recognise each other and distinguish themselves from others, and the way in which they relate to others. The outcome of the interactions is not predetermined: it may be positive or negative. Communication is also a process between active centres each of which is transformed through their interactions. Today, the media is a major conveyor of cultural globalisation. Even in the era of global media, we cannot consider communication without taking into account culture: each communicating centre expresses the culture in which it is situated. How can we insure an active and balanced presence of different cultures in the global media?

Theme editor : Jesus MARTIN-BARBERO   

» Introductory Note by Jesus MARTIN-BARBERO

List of topics to be discussed : Internationalisation of audiovisual: a brief review
Americanisation and the spread of ethnic conflict: the trap of globalisation

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Americanisation and the spread of ethnic conflict: the trap of globalisation

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Significantly, scholars still cannot agree on the meaning of the term globalization : some authors focus on mere economic aspects, others on financial flows, others on policy-making and the law, and so on. Of all forms of globalization, cultural globalization is possibly the most visible and effective as it proceeds on its lethal path of global destruction, removing all traditional barriers... Read Daniele CONVERSI's paper »

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Internationalisation of audiovisual: brief review

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Read Tristan MATTELART's paper »

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